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What is Webmedia

We are a group of video enthusiasts capturing moving images for the web like nobody else in Dubai. Webmedia is a leading Event Filming, Web Video Production, Live streaming, Autocue Rental & Social Media agency for Brand-immersive experiences.

Core – competency

Our core-competency lies in bridging the gap between the production of web content and the effective use of digital media for a display of the content online. Our services to the client emphasize high quality after adhering to the specific requirements down to the last detail. Our experienced team is equipped with providing the best solutions to the clients.

How we help

We produce media for corporate communications, notable live events, Social media, and video production for foremost companies and brands. We create and design audiovisuals that feature as a vehicle for corporate brand building.

Webmedia caters to corporate events, trade shows, and conferences, award shows & events, broadcast television, corporate meetings, event marketing & production, product launches, show tours, training programs, marketing communications, and related multi-media.

Webmedia specializes in corporate event filming and production by delivering expert integration of the major business disciplines. The end results enable our clients to better inform, entertain, sell to, train, motivate, and reward their target audiences.

Our Professional Service Staff

Our experienced and professional staff can set up and manage shoots for any type of event and complexity. Our staff receives professional in-house training in using the updated software and production equipment.

Browse through our portfolio of projects to learn how we help clients accomplish their corporate communications objectives and maximize their shareholder value.

Our Work