Live Streaming 101


We live in an era where target audience accessibility and engagement is no longer limited to a geographic location. So if you want everyone to be a part of an event you are organizing, Live Streaming is your solution.

Here are 3 simple tips to keep in mind when live streaming your event brought to you by Dubai’s best live streaming company Webmedia.

3 Simple Tips for Live Streaming

1) Plan Plan Plan!

Who are you live streaming to? It is so important to have your audience defined because you need to direct your strategy to market your event accordingly.

Ask yourselves questions like on which platforms they are present. Which times they are most active? is it going to be a local audience of potential clients, your employees, or a larger international audience? If so you have to consider time zones, holidays, etc.

After picking up the right platforms to stream to, event date, timings…etc. You will need to build up awareness by posting or sending out reminders starting at least a week before the live-stream event and most importantly, the day before.

At the end of the day, there is no point in live streaming an event when you have no audience to watch.

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2) Quality is Key!

Quality is key because if you deliver online content with poor video quality, 62 percent of the viewers are likely to have a negative image of the brand. Whether it is a single-camera production or turnkey on-site multi-camera production, it is always necessary to have high-quality video and audio as a top priority.

Branded live stream content is also an added value to your brand image. Keeping all of your set graphics such as the logo, session name, speaker’s names…etc. will help people understand exactly what life is about even if they join midway. Always provide your graphics a couple of days prior to the event and prepare a running order for the graphics operator to ensure you have a smooth and professional broadcast with no last-minute surprises.

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3) Keep the Heat Up!

It is key to keep your online as well as the in-person audience engaged. If there are different segments or halls to your live stream, make sure you articulate the transition appropriately to keep your audience interested, and if this is successful they might even want to attend the event in person next time. Make sure you keep them in the live stream! If content gets repetitive, monotonous, and boring people are likely to leave so have an interactive Q&A session with people who are in person and engage your online viewers through email, social media, etc. It is also a good idea to involve sponsors and partners for the event to ensure a wider demographic and expand your audience base. It is a win-win situation because they help finance you, promote themselves, and make you more accessible to a larger demographic.

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