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Social Media Wall for Events

At Webmedia, we offer a cutting-edge solution to engage your audience like never before. Our Social Media Wall brings together the power of social media and live interaction, displaying your client’s social media updates and audience interaction from various platforms, all in real time and on a captivating screen.

What is Social Media Wall?


Get Alive at Facebook
Imagine a dynamic display that showcases your client’s latest social media posts, tweets, photos, and videos, along with live audience comments and reactions. Our Live Media Wall aggregates content from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and more, creating an immersive and interactive experience.

Engage Your Audience in Real-Time

Live Twitter Feed

With our Social Media Wall, you can capture the attention of your audience by showcasing their own posts and interactions. Watch as their excitement grows when they see their comments, photos, or tweets displayed on the big screen, fostering a sense of community and connection.


Customizable and Branded Design

Our Social Media Wall is fully customizable to match your brand’s visual identity. From color schemes and fonts to incorporating your logo and event-specific branding, we ensure a seamless integration with your overall aesthetics. The result is a visually stunning and cohesive experience that captivates your audience.

Boost Brand Visibility and Engagement

By displaying social media content live on screen, you enhance your brand’s visibility and strengthen audience engagement. Encourage your attendees or customers to use a designated hashtag or interact with your brand on social media, knowing that their posts will appear on the Social Media Wall. This creates a fun and interactive environment that encourages participation and builds a buzz around your brand.


Real-Time Moderation and Filter Options

At Webmedia, we understand the importance of maintaining a positive and controlled environment. Our Free Social Media Wall Solution includes real-time moderation and filtering options, allowing you to review and curate the content that appears on the screen. This ensures that only appropriate and relevant posts are displayed, maintaining the integrity of your brand and event.

Seamless Integration and Technical Support

Our experienced team will seamlessly integrate the best Social Media Wall into your event in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or digital platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We provide comprehensive technical support, handling the setup, monitoring, and troubleshooting throughout the entire event, so you can focus on engaging with your audience.

Unlock the Power of Social Media with Our Social Media Wall

Are you ready to take audience interaction to the next level? Harness the power of social media by displaying client updates and audience interaction live on our captivating Social Media Wall. Connect, engage, and leave a lasting impression. Contact us today and elevate your events and digital experiences like never before!

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Yes, we have discovered that many social media wall platforms provide seamless integration options with popular live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Live, among others. This integration capability allows us to display the social media wall alongside our live stream, resulting in enhanced viewer engagement and interaction. By incorporating a social media wall, we can create a more dynamic and interactive live streaming experience for our audience, fostering increased participation and deeper connections between viewers and our content. The ability to integrate the social media wall seamlessly adds value to our live stream productions and elevates the overall viewer experience.
We have found that integrating a social media wall can greatly enhance our live streams. Firstly, it enables real-time audience interaction by displaying viewer comments, tweets, or Instagram posts on the social media wall, encouraging active participation and engagement from our audience. Secondly, the social media wall adds a visually appealing element to the live stream by showcasing dynamic and real-time social media content, capturing the viewers' attention and making the experience more captivating. Lastly, incorporating a social media wall can also help amplify the reach of our live stream as it encourages viewers to share their experience on their own social media profiles, thereby increasing exposure and expanding the audience reach. These benefits make the integration of a social media wall a valuable addition to our live stream productions.
Yes, we have the ability to curate the content displayed on the social media wall in real-time through the moderation features provided by most social media wall platforms. This means we can filter out any inappropriate or unrelated posts, ensuring a positive viewing experience for our audience. By actively moderating the content, we can maintain a high standard of quality and relevance on the social media wall, creating a more engaging and enjoyable experience for our viewers.
When integrating a social media wall with our live stream, we consider a few common requirements. Firstly, we ensure a stable internet connection for both the live stream and the social media wall display. It's important to have a reliable connection to avoid any disruptions. Secondly, we check if the social media wall platform is compatible with our chosen live streaming platform, ensuring seamless integration between the two. Lastly, we determine the display setup, deciding on the placement of the social media wall during the live stream, whether it's on a separate screen or as an overlay on the video feed. By addressing these requirements, we can successfully incorporate a captivating social media wall experience into our live stream productions.